Competence in tradition since 1845
ecologically substainable textiles

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Kirschauer Textil GmbH Niedere Fabrik 8

Kirschauer Textil GmbH Friesestraße 17

02681 Schirgiswalde-Kirschau

Packdecken: Einweg-Packdecke und Nähwirk-Packdecke sowie Unterkunftsdecken

Our yard goods

We are a textile specialist for yard goods

MW Effekt fK

The classic one of a more than 150 year’s tradition

Yard goods made from raw white fleece, of regenerated raw materials, for every day and multi-purpose usage.

Our classic yard goods made from cotton/viscose/polyester mix with a good grip tricot structure. The additional sewed fleece with hydrophilic feature provides fluff free wiping with great water absorption capacity and long-lasting usage.

Grammage: 230 g/m², 250g/m², 280g/m²

Width: 50 cm

Length: 100 m (+ ca. 2 m)

Volume: ca. 0,11 – 0,13 m³ rolls loaded bulk

Technical reference note for yard goods:

  • Little differences which are technical unavoidable like quality, color, width, weight, equipment cannot be claimed
  • There are variations in color between yellowish and grey-white
  • During the rolling-up there is a technical conditional high tension alongside of the textile material so that the delivered width is not up with the real one in the released state
  • Drawing frame depending on the fiber composition: ca. 10 %
Packdecken: Einweg-Packdecke und Nähwirk-Packdecke sowie Unterkunftsdecken